Sex In The Social Media Age

I am sure all of us have heard some juicy story of a relationship gone sour and one party or both parties airing all their “dirty” bedroom laundry to friends and family. In a very few instances , the sex gossip will be accompanied with an under/over exposed , kodak instant photo. As the receiver of those details, depending on our personality, we might have a giggle, be disgusted or be indifferent. In the days before, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the rest, that would have been it, most likely. The gossip will soon be taken over by the fact that we have jobs to go to, uni to attend and kids to raise.

Now a days however life has become a complete different ball game and some of us are still playing catch up! Including the game of dating, read :Sex.

Those of us ,who enjoy having our sex-a-capes, filmed and photographed, now are facing a dilemma :Are we still going to be indulging ourselves in these practises with our partners and thereby, risking global exposure, if the relationship goes pear shape and leave our playmates disgruntled for one reason or another, or are we going to refrain ourselves from doing what we enjoy, just to stay safe?

And if we decide to still go ahead and get ourselves and our sex mate, videoed and photographed, do we now have to make up non-disclosure contracts?

As an adult, I stand by the choices I make and consider myself confident and strong enough to deal with any potential backlash.

I will not allow the “Social Media Share Button” rule or ruin my life.

If you are a vindictive person and thinking of exposing your once loved one, by clicking on buttons, I would like to suggest, you take a good, long look in the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions: Why you feel the need to do this? and what does that say about you as person?What do you hope to accomplish ? Is it going to be beneficial for you in any shape or form?

Work on yourself, develop yourself, enjoy yourself, love yourself and you will find your special one and build that strong, loving,passionate, adventures relationship. Together you will create the ultimate blockbuster movie: Your Life.

Now that will be a movie to hit the Share button for!

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